We moms, here at Moms Creating Financial Freedom are in the education business.  We educate other moms about consumer trends, keeping current with the simplest and most effective way of doing business. We pride ourselves on supporting US products while showing families like yours how to bring your money back home!

You might ask what kind of trends are we talking about?

Let us start by pointing out that the past 20 years our traditional ways of doing business have certainly changed! Technology has started to take over our traditional way of doing business.  The recent Bankruptcy of the City of Detroit is a significant sign of the end of the industrial economy as we know it.

One of the trends we are speaking of is the NEW Connection Economy.  This type of economy is based on technology, simplicity, convenience and social connection to drive business.  A great example of this is Netflix, who are one of the first companies that challenged the Status Quo Company Blockbuster.  We are referring to companies like Tesla, the new electric car company with NO Dealership, No sales people, NO problem. They are challenging GM and Ford and are now the top selling car of 2014! There are several other examples like Instagram, Polaroid or Kodak are obsolete; Amazon has become the second largest retailer in the WORLD behind Wal-Mart. Have you EVER seen an Amazon store?

As moms, typically we are the head consumers in our households, and we need to stay current and up on consumer trends!

Moms Creating Financial Freedom is partnered with a New Connection Economy Solutions Company, who happen to be a 1.2 Billion dollar company of 29 years.  We challenge the status quo Companies like P&G, J&J and Pfiser.  We compete for market share and have exceptional continual growth, month after month year after year!

We ask that you step a little closer and take a good look at what we are doing to help other moms move with the trends, while saving time, money while making an income that will last a life time!!!

We invite you to embark on….Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, make your good life a GREAT ONE!  We look forward to speaking to you~

Mom’s Creating Financial Freedom ~