Being a sexagenarian, I fall in the empty nest category of Mom’s Creating Financial Freedom. However, with my 6+ grandkids: Trevor 25, Jordan 18, Josh 16, Konrad 12, Gunter 10, Chloe 10 and my newest grandchild arriving in December, I fill my nest with lots of grandkid visits! I am aN’awlins native with a passion for learning and received 3 degrees (BA Sociology@UNO, MS Forestry@LSU and MBA @Tulane) before realizing that being a student didn’t pay the bills. So I became an entrepreneur to support my student addiction. I have been blessed to have had two successful businesses: a wholesale jewelry business and an award-winning Curves franchise. After selling our Curves, I was looking for something that would let me continue my avocation of helping people achieve a better quality of life but wanted more time freedom to spend with my retired hubby, Jeffrey, our three kids, Joel, Sahar and Jeff Jr., and our grandkids. Mom’s Creating Financial Freedom offered a way to continue to spread the health but without the time, risks and challenges of a traditional business. Jeffrey and I live in our dream home overlooking the Mississippi River and enjoy sailing in our little schooner on Lake Pontchartrain. Our most favorite thing in the world is being grandma and grandpa.