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I am a Personal Trainer, and have been teaching fitness and wellness at all levels for over 30 years. I enjoy working with all levels of people who are interested in being physically fit, and healthy. My influence of eating healthy, staying physically fit and using green and organic products has helped my clients feel confident in doing the same. I am able to work a full time schedule even at the age of 66. I feel that living and working this lifestyle has certainly helped me to stay healthy and free of any major illnesses. I have two children and five grandchildren who I enjoy very much, and also keep me active. I love working with Moms Creating Financial Freedom, and appreciate the opportunity this company provides me to help others reach their health and fitness goals, as well as their financial goals.


Being a sexagenarian, I fall in the empty nest category of Mom’s Creating Financial Freedom. However, with my 6+ grandkids: Trevor 25, Jordan 18, Josh 16, Konrad 12, Gunter 10, Chloe 10 and my newest grandchild arriving in December, I fill my nest with lots of grandkid visits! I am aN’awlins native with a passion for learning and received 3 degrees (BA Sociology@UNO, MS Forestry@LSU and MBA @Tulane) before realizing that being a student didn’t pay the bills. So I became an entrepreneur to support my student addiction. I have been blessed to have had two successful businesses: a wholesale jewelry business and an award-winning Curves franchise. After selling our Curves, I was looking for something that would let me continue my avocation of helping people achieve a better quality of life but wanted more time freedom to spend with my retired hubby, Jeffrey, our three kids, Joel, Sahar and Jeff Jr., and our grandkids. Mom’s Creating Financial Freedom offered a way to continue to spread the health but without the time, risks and challenges of a traditional business. Jeffrey and I live in our dream home overlooking the Mississippi River and enjoy sailing in our little schooner on Lake Pontchartrain. Our most favorite thing in the world is being grandma and grandpa.


I have been married for over 14 years and have the incredible blessing of being called “mom” by 3 gorgeous people: Emma Grace 9, Lucas 6 and Liam 4. I graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in Journalism and Communications and later earned my Masters in Education from Barry University. After a successful 12-year career in television, I became a mother and my priorities changed forever. The television industry came with long hours and didn’t fill the space in me that wanted to make a difference in the world. Being part of this team of inspiring women has been such a gift! I love the balance I now have in my life to be my own boss and make a difference in the lives of so many with a positive message and mission.


My life has been an incredible adventure, from studying in Israel in high school, to working in archaeology, to building a school in Dubai. As an international educator, I have served in a variety of capacities.

I have two precious children! My son is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and served in the Marine Corps. He has a beautiful family and two amazing boys. My daughter competes in western performance horse competitions at the national level.

Several years ago a dear friend introduced my family to Mom’s Creating Financial Freedom. We love the products and our entire home has been converted. We use the products with our horses as well. I started sharing how much we love the products with others and the results have been an incredible additional income.

I am driven to help others find balance, peace and bliss. Mom’s Creating Financial Freedom gave me the opportunity to share ways for families to buy direct at wholesale from the manufacturer, superior, safer products and for some to earn a significant income.


I was born in Mexico City but have been living in Miami, FL for over 12 years. I have a Business Management college degree and I help my husband run his professional audio business. I grew up in close contact with nature and animals, and was taught to take care of them since I was little. I am a mother of 3 incredible kids ages 11, 9 and 3. Since the day I had my first child my life changed in a very positive way. We always knew being a stay-at-home mom to raise our kids was the best option for us. I am very lucky to have found a reliable way to make an income and help my husband cover our monthly expenses, while I can still be at home with my kids. I have met wonderful like-minded women along the way, and we work together as a team to help everyone reach their goals.

How we different from other home based businesses?

So you might ask…How are WE different than those “other” home based business?  Or how did we know that this was a company that we wanted to put our time, energy and reputation into.

Well… After researching we found that there are twelve things which everyone should consider in any business.

The First thing is what is the company’s track record?  

We have a proven track record of 29 years of success. Our annual sales are 1.2 Billion dollars; we are in position to expand 10x that currently.  Most companies fail within the first 5 years.

The Second Question to know is, is the company Financially Sound?

We are partnered with a US manufacturer who is Debt Free.  They have paid out over 3.6 billion dollars of commissions to families just like yours and have NEVER been a day late, in fact often times early!

Does the company have Strong Management? 

Business trends tend to focus on profit for upper management in spite of what is best for the good of the company.  Therefor often times leading to a short life span of the company, making higher management more money at the cost of others!

Our Corporate leaders come from fortune 500 companies who have sound business minds as well as principals that are mission driven.   We are built on solid principals with vision to not only help the little guy but to also move towards sustainability for the future as well as the environment!

IS your product unique? How do they stand against the competition?

Some companies it’s about the “sale” and how to entice the buyer as well as the need for your product or services.

With our company we simply show people how to switch stores, purchasing products they already use. Products that they consume on a regular basis, creating a residual income!

Are the products or services competitively priced?

Most of our competitors have expensive and non-effective products and services. We show people how to get better, safer and more effective products and services 30% less than our competitors, we are completely recession proof!  EVERYBODY WANTS TO SAVE MONEY!!

What is the Companies reorder rate?

Are your products consumable?  Are you constantly chasing the sale for the new customer?  With Moms Creating Financial Freedom, we represent a manufacturer who has a 95% reorder rate!  Our customers LOVE the quality, price and effectiveness in our products which creates a residual income that will last a life time!

Does the consumer require inventory?  Are there large production costs?

We teach people simply how to switch stores, no new dollars required.  Everyone can be a customer, just like Amazon, eBay, etc.!

Is it Expensive to become a rep for your company?

Many franchises cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, often times business owners are playing roulette with their futures.  With our company, whether you are a consumer or a business owner everyone pays $29.00 for the membership fee. No matter what your financial background everyone has the opportunity to build a residual income to last a life time!

What is the Attrition rate of the company?

Often times businesses are consistently chasing new customers. They are coming thru the front door as fast as they are going out the back door, hence the saying “You are only as good as your last sale”.  We are NOT interested in a sign up game!  We value our valued customers and appreciate their brand loyalty!

What is the Timing of your company?  Is it relevant to today’s needs?

We are partnered with the best kept secret! Less than 10% of North America has heard of us, yet our sales have surpassed companies like Amway and Mary Kay. We are environmentally sensitive and are passionate about bringing the money back home to families like yours!  We are supporters of a US manufacturer that is committed to supporting the “LITTLE GUY”!  Educating the consumer that there is a WAY to buy products that are SAFE, EFFECTIVE and at a low cost, while supporting families just like YOURS!!!!

What is the Risk?

Often time’s companies have a payoff…What is the payoff you are willing to take a gamble for a RISK?  Which one of these questions above would you be willing to compromise in order to put your TIME, ENERGY and REPUTATION towards?


With our company, NO ONE can get hurt!  Everything is fully refundable. THERE IS NO RISK!!!

We are excited to share with you our proven track record!  We can’t wait to help you get started!!!