My husband and I have been married for fourteen wonderful years, and I love being a mom to my three children, Rebecca, Christopher, and Emily. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Theater from Adelphi University, and a Master’s degree in Education from Fordham University. My professional background is in the Performing Arts Industry, Education, and in the Fitness Industry. I have always loved being an educator, and have appreciated the flexibility it has given me to work part time and be home with my children, however, the income potential in education is limited and doesn’t allow me to contribute to our household income the way I would like. I am very thankful to have found a solid business that I truly enjoy, and can build from home with a group of professional, bright, and motivated women who share similar values and desires to be home with their children and volunteer in their communities…yet also have a strong desire to contribute financially to their family in a very significant way. Striking a balance between a career and family is a common and difficult challenge for many women, and this organization provides women with an opportunity to be home with their children and still build a lucrative residual income that will last a lifetime.